The most cost-effective and widely-used rubber molding method is compression molding. This process involves compressing material into a mold using a press, completely filling the mold cavity and holding it until cured.

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We have over 40 years of experience in custom mold design and tool making. We provide mold design services for all of our manufacturing processes - transfer molding. compression molding and bonding for rubber and silicone products.  We can manufacture everything from large, single-cavity molds, including prototype aluminum tooling, through cast or machine processes.

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The technique of bonding silicone, rubber and other elastomers to a metal surface has become a significant portion of our manufacturing schedule. Our innovative silicone to metal bonding process has afforded our clients some highly unique and cost saving designs.

Transfer molding utilizes a press and mold. In transfer molding, a piston forces the material through a passage into the mold cavity. This method produces complex products with tight 

tolerance controls while still maintaining a higher production rate.

Transfer Molding and Compression Molding of synthetic rubber or silicone with many materials and production options. 


Transfer Molding and Compression Molding of natural rubber products across a wide range of industries.  We offer many materials and production options.